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HE SUGGESTED WE HEADED UP TO HIS ROOM WHICH WAS QUIETER…: A babe’s story of her first escorting client.

My first encounter was with a a married gentleman in his 40s who was in my town for a a couple of days, he had contacted me about a week prior giving £100 for a 1hr date, In his proposal, he had also said that he would give me £1000/month for weekly longer meetups and outings if I wanted that, the possibility of a monthly wage sweetened the deal and I said yes instantly and the date was on.
On the day of the meeting, he gave me the address of the room he had booked and he also told me howt to dress. When I arrived, he was waiting for me at the bar, I was unbelievably anxious but he was fairly reassuring and was not too bad looking either, he was way more tanned than you would generally see this far north where I live so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. He bought me a glass of wine and we talked for a bit. I was positive everyone could guess what I was there for and I was terrified of anyone recognising me and calling me by name.
Eventually he suggested we went up to our room which was quieter, I gave the meekest "ok" that has ever passed through my lips and we went up to the room, in the room I finally felt a relief when it was just the two of us…
We lay on the bed and chatted a bit more before he suddenly kissed me, we kissed for a while till he pulled away saying "I like the way you do that, let's take off your clothes and see what else you do amazingly." at that point I got undressed and gave him a blowjob.
I wasn't really anticipating him to finish at that point but he did, he then lay back on the bed and indicated I should join him, we snuggled and talked for a little bit more and then he said to me that he thought I was fun to be with and sweet and "very good at that" and that he did not want to see me anymore just in case he formed an emotional relationship, he needed sex and did not want to mess his marriage up with his wife. I accepted his argument about his wife and we went on talking some more.
Eventually, after I had been with him for 2hrs, I begun to put my clothes on and was waiting for him to give me the money but he was not making any moves in that direction so I sat and talked a bit longer, Eventually I reminded him that we had agreed on £100 for the meeting and I had already stayed over the agreed time, he acted surprised then he acted out looking for his wallet then counted out each note dropping it on the bed as he did. When he was done counting my £100, I got it and walked out, not accepting his offer of calling me a taxi. I felt pretty gross for a few days but my later dates after that were better….

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